This referral-based program allows qualifying parents in need to earn Christmas gifts for their children, instead of depending on organizations that provide gifts through one way giving. Families needing Christmas assistance are referred to The Dream Center by their child’s school.

Parents are then required to attend free classes to earn a shopping voucher. Class topics include budgeting, parenting, Bible study, resume writing, health & wellness, healthy relationships & self-esteem. The Dream Center also provides Santa Shoppe credit for attendance at pre-approved school family literacy nights, parent nights, or parenting classes offered by Title One schools. Upon completing required classes, parents make an appointment to shop in The Dream Center Santa Shoppe!


 How can you help? The Santa Shoppe is in need of new toy and gift donations. In three easy steps, you can help local families in need create a special Christmas gift experience!

Click the link below for an online shopping experience or visit your local campus on Sunday mornings to get information and shop in person!