Freedom Youth

6th - 12th Graders • Wednesday Nights at 6:30 PM

*Powdersville Campus only

We strive to walk alongside your teenagers as well as you, the parent, to help with the ups and downs of life - equipping, encouraging, and empowering your family along the way.
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Wednesday Night Services

6:30 PM / Starting June 1st!

Current Series


A 4-week series about resilience.

We’ve all had or will have experiences that confirm that life can be tough, but have you ever noticed how some people are able to bounce back from the setbacks they experience? What’s their secret?

For almost everyone, it all comes down to one word: resilience. In our series “Never Give Up”, we’re going to focus on becoming the kind of people who can get through difficult experiences with a sense of hope, by building our resilience. We’ll talk about what resilience is, and what it has to do with God, others, and our view of ourselves.

By the end of this series, our hope is, we’ll be better equipped to discover how hope changes everything

Week One

Resilience helps us never give up.

Week Two

Never give up on God.

Week Three

Never give up on others.

Week Four

Never give up on you.